The Colors of Courage overturns the conventional story of this celebrated battle. This powerful account of African American and women civilians, along with immigrant soldiers, challenge how we have defined this momentous event, and what we mean by the word “courage.”

Runner up: The Lincoln Prize
Top Five: The Wall Street Journal’s Best Books on Gettysburg


“This is a wonderful…story of human beings caught up in the greatest battle fought in the Western Hemisphere”

Ken Burns, filmmaker

“Margaret Creighton has done what I thought impossible — …[These are pages] which every student of the Civil War should read.”

James McPherson, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom

“Invaluable….I am both horrified [by the history] and amazed”

Henry Louis Gates, historian, filmmaker

“Exciting, intelligent and provocative.”

Chicago Tribune

“Dramatic, thought-provoking… perceptive and masterly”…

Journal of American History

“Groundbreaking and profoundly moving”

The Civil War News